Like most kids who grew up in California immersed in the beach life and surf culture, Nicole Namdar always dreamed of visiting the land of endless beauty and ideal surf that was Hawaii. But what she did not anticipate was the beautiful Hawaiian culture that would change her life forever. When she was 17, during her spring break, Nicole decided to sneak away to Oahu, unbeknownst to her parents. She had bought her first Hawaiian Airlines ticket “flight HA1” packed a bag and headed off.


    What she had expected was a beautiful vacation in “paradise.” What she discovered was not only the physical beauty that Oahu brought, but also the beauty that was the people of Oahu and the Hawaiian culture. To her, it was unlike anything else. A culture where kindness, love for one another and respect for your home is a way of life. For Nicole that became the true beauty of Hawai’i. A beautiful culture where everyone is Ohana and always welcomed with open arms.


    Returning home she promised herself that one day she would move to Oahu, and that she did. Those next few years were the best years of her life. Not only because of the irreplaceable adventures and relationships that Hawai’i brought, but also because of the deep love she shared for the aloha spirit and all of the love and kindness that came with every person she encountered.


    Unfortunately, soon after, her father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and Nicole made a heartbreaking decision to move back to the mainland. That following summer she found herself sitting in a Biology Lab class illustrating and labeling endless human organs. Reminiscing on her time in Hawai’i she began doodling her favorite moments. Once she started she couldn’t stop. As she began to share these moments on social media, people started to inquire about purchasing her work. She then decided to create a business where her main goal was to share her creations and to also give back to the beautiful people of Hawai’i.


    Proudly Nicole’s donations not only aid homeless children in Hawai’i but also support the protectors currently on Mauna Kea. Donating anywhere from 20-100% of monthly proceeds Nicole is always looking for ways to contribute to this beautiful place she will forever call home. Today, Nicole Namdar hopes to continue her journey and make a positive impact on the world, and continue to spread the beauty that is the aloha spirit.

January 07, 2020 — Nicole Namdar